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GBS Titan Tap Program

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GBS Titan Tap Program

For the last few years math teacher Mr. John O’Malley and science teacher Ms. Cheryl Simon have been asking former students to help out in classes they once were a student in. O’Malley said this year they decided to branch out and create a program.

“We kind of created the Titan teaching assistant program, Titan Tap, where we tapped into a bunch of different kids who are helping us teach our class. We have one teacher from history, one from English, one from science, math and so we are all kind of piloting this,” O’Malley said.

GBS senior Ariana Raghian is a student teaching assistant for O’Malley’s honors geometry class. She was in O’Malley’s class as a student in her freshman year.

“I remember I had a TA my freshman year, but because of COVID, I didn’t really get to connect with her that much so this is going to be a really cool experience. I definitely want to do this and so when he reached out I was like of course,” Raghian said.

Students participating in the Titan Tap program met before school started to learn about what to except during the year. 

“This is nothing like I’ve done before. I’ve been in AP classes where we have lab aids, but all they do is really just set up material. So the fact that I get to interact one on one and also teach is something that is very unique to this experience, which I haven’t seen anywhere else in the school.”

Ariana Raghian, Class of 2023

During class you will find Raghian walking around the room answering questions students may have, handing out paper and assisting O’Malley with lessons.

GBS sophomore Sophia Abrahams said, “She’s really helpful. Usually, with the openers, there is always questions we just learned or haven’t gone over much and since she understands it and had the class she knows what to tell me and how to help me.”

Raghian gave up her student resource time to help O’Malley. “I try to interact with them as much as I can before tests and quizzes because I can’t talk to them at all when they are taking an exam for obvious reasons. I think it is really nice to see how they grow on tests and exams.”

GBS sophomore Hasan Mafraji said Raghian has been a big help for him this school year.  “Sometimes I need help on a problem and she will draw a diagram. I am a visual learner so it helps me see what I am doing.”

O’Malley is proud of how much Raghian has grown since the beginning of the year. 

“She’s bringing all of this insightfulness and it’s helping me as a teacher grow. It’s helping me be better because she can see things in a different way and go oh man I really like the way you structured this that was helpful. Or oh I feel like you did this but I don’t think that hit home or that didn’t connect with some of them. Maybe do this or could we do something like that.”

Mr. John O'Malley, GBS Math Teacher

The goal for next year is to build the program more, so teachers interested can sign up and students can build their leadership skills. 

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