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Students and Staff Welcomed Back With New Learning Spaces

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Students and Staff Welcomed Back With New Learning Spaces

Glenbrook High School District 225 is excited to welcome its students and staff back for the 2022-23 school year with remodeled learning and teaching spaces at both Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South. 

As part of the Total Classroom Initiative approved by the Board of Education in March 2022, 86 core academic learning spaces at GBN and 110 at GBS were modernized.

District 225 Superintendent, Dr. Charles Johns stated, “The district is thrilled to be able to provide updated, bright, and welcoming learning environments for students and staff members that will enhance their educational experiences for years to come."

During the summer, District 225 staff members worked diligently to create classroom environments that support diverse teaching and learning needs. The classroom structure appeals to students who thrive in a collaborative setting while also providing teachers with a space to deliver full or small group instruction. The classrooms have been equipped with new workspaces for teachers and students, additional writing surfaces, and aesthetic updates such as LED lighting, flooring, and painting.

Glenbrook South World Languages Teacher Gabby Mikos has been part of the project for the last four years testing furniture to determine what meets the needs of both students and staff.

I have seen firsthand how the redesigned classroom spaces can create and enhance the learning environment. Students are more comfortable in the space, are able to move more freely throughout the classroom and because of that, I am able to provide a more collaborative environment for my students.

Gabby Mikos, GBS World Languages Teacher

Mikos said the new furniture gives her more flexibility to modify activities immediately and creates more opportunities for student collaboration. “The new functionality of the room with vertical wall space and personal whiteboards gives me the opportunity to hear all student voices and display their thoughts in a variety of ways throughout the room.” 

GBN Math Teacher Kerry Laker said before the desks and chairs were connected and it was uncomfortable for students. Now with them separated, she can see students more engaged with the class lessons. “The furniture is a huge improvement from what we had before. Everything is on wheels and makes partner activities much easier.”


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