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Goals & Initiatives 2021-23

At the Glenbrooks, we strive to create a culture where every student belongs, a place where they find their purpose and one that inspires students in the 4As: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Activities. Through a comprehensive curriculum, numerous support services and more than 150 clubs and activities, we instill a lifelong love of learning, service and creativity.
As an award-winning high school system, our goal is to continually improve in our programs for students, efficiencies in our operations and responsibilities to our school community. Ongoing goals and initiatives play a critical role in the improvement process.  At three meetings in 2022, the Glenbrook D225 Board of Education met to discuss its goals and initiatives for the next 18 months and assigned each goal to one of six goal areas: Strategic Planning, Communications & Stakeholders, Leadership & Development, Student Wellbeing, Teaching & Learning, and Facilities & Finance. The comprehensive list was approved by the Board of Education in April 2022. 

That was only the beginning of the process. The District then began a comprehensive plan to involve staff in creating action plans to carry out those goals. Input and planning from staff will ensure that our collective next steps are steeped in what’s best for students.

Intergenerational Excellence

The Board has committed to a goal of “intergenerational excellence” that ensures that current and future Glenbrook students will experience the same high quality opportunities that have been provided to the community since the school district’s inception.

The Foundation of Our Goals

The Glenbrook High Schools have a historic reputation of excellence. Many families choose to live in the communities of Glenview and Northbrook specifically because they value the high quality and variety of academic programs and athletic/extracurricular activities that are provided to all students at Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South High Schools. Indeed, many former students of our high schools return to raise their families in the community to ensure that their own children have the opportunity to benefit from a Glenbrook education. Both longtime and new residents of the community have come to expect a level of excellence from the school district.


At three meetings in 2022, the Glenbrook D225 Board of Education met to discuss its goals and initiatives for the next 18 months and  then approved the goals in April. That was only the beginning of the process. The District then began a  comprehensive plan to involve staff in creating action plans to carry out those goals. Input from staff will ensure that our collective next steps are steeped in what’s best for students.

Updates on these Goals & Initiatives will be presented quarterly to the Board of Education and outlined on this website.

Strategic Planning
Icon of lines creating a web within a hexagon.

Conduct a comprehensive strategic planning process to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources, align shareholders and employees and ensure organizational goals are backed by data and sound reasoning.

Sub Goals

  1. Conduct a climate and culture assessment and collaboratively develop plans to address opportunities for improvement.
  2. Conduct a strategic planning process to establish a new mission, vision, guiding principles and long-term goals. 
  3. Conduct an equity assessment, analyze and develop a 5-year equity plan.
Communications & Stakeholders
Icon of shapes representing three people and two bubbles representing talking.

Develop a strategic communications model and efficient workflows that establish the district as the key, trusted source of district information; develop programs that enhance Glenbrook pride in the District, continue to evaluate current practices and implement new strategies as needed.

Sub Goals

  1. Develop District 225 and its schools as the main, critical source of information about District 225 and GBS/GBN.
  2. Increase listening opportunities and engagement in the community.
Leadership & Development
Icon of a circle representing a person above an open book.

Recruit, retain, develop and support highly effective leadership teams. Leadership development should be available to administrators, teachers and support staff to support continuity of services, quality and growth.

Sub Goals

  1. Develop capacity through the recruitment, development and retention of current and potential leaders.
  2. Expand our abilities to recruit, retain, develop and support a diverse workforce that will prepare the district for the needs of our students well into the future.
Student Wellbeing
Icon of an outline of a head showcasing the brain.

Design systems and structures to proactively monitor and support student wellbeing needs. These systems will incorporate proactive and responsive coordination with families and community agencies as we work together as partners in supporting student social-emotional health. It is essential that we stay focused on community-wide well-being that enables access and information to all.

Sub Goals

  1. Create a district-wide well-being lens that unifies our collective social-emotional learning work and creates conditions for reviewing systems and practices, both current and future.
  2. Implement structures that create greater opportunities for district-wide collaboration in the area of well-being and the intersection of teaching and learning.
Teaching & Learning
Icon of a silhouette representing a teacher standing in front of a chalkboard.

Identify gaps in systems and practices that provide opportunities to support the ongoing work toward enhancing student success* for all students.

*4As academic/athletics/activities/arts, attendance, behavior, SEL and wellbeing, including continuing building an environment where all students feel a sense of belonging. 

Sub Goals

  1. Continue to focus on a holistic lens of student success and consider tools that inform individual and collective student outcomes through quantitative and qualitative means. 
  2. Implement structures that create greater opportunities for district-wide awareness, collaboration and decision making in the area of teaching, learning and well-being.
Facilities & Finance
Icon of a school building with a clock above the door in the center of the building.

Develop a long-term financial plan responsive to current and future needs that supports the school district’s longterm goal of providing intergenerational quality, access to a comprehensive high school experience and the fulfillment of the district’s current goals. Continue to implement responsible and sustainable practices that protect and maximize the school district's financial resources.

Sub Goals

  1. Continue implementing a financial plan grounded in a balanced budget and aligned with transparent, financial best practices.
  2. Establish and implement a multi-year facility plan to ensure that all school facilities meet the needs of current and future students.