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District Administrators

Glenbrook High School District 225 employs both licensed administrators (individuals filling positions that require licensure from the Illinois State Board of Education) and non-licensed administrators (individuals filling positions that do not require licensure). 

The day-to-day operations of the school district are overseen and managed by the Superintendent and a group of highly-qualified school administrators.  School administrators are responsible for:

  • Leading and overseeing the operations of one of more functional area of a school or district department;
  • Directly supervising and evaluating personnel;
  • Responsible for serving as a budget manager for a functional area; and
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Executive Cabinet

Dr. Charles Johns


Dr. R.J. Gravel

Associate Superintendent

Dr. Barbara Georges


Jason Markey


Angelica Romano

Executive Director of Human Resources

Carol Smith

Executive Director of Communications

Brad Swanson

Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services

Dr. Rosanne Williamson

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

District Administrators

Ryan Bretag

Director of Instructional Innovation

Lea Brianas

Benefits Manager

Ryan Manly

Technology Services Manager

Brian Murdy

Buildings & Grounds Manager

David Olson

Communications Manager

Dr. Jennifer Pearson

Director of Special Education

Dr. Kimberly Ptak

Director of Operations

Joel Reyes

Safety & Security Manager

Christina Salonikas

Communications Manager

Nicole Schramm

Fiscal Services Manager

Vicki Tarver-Andersen

Director of Business Services

Jennifer Zalatoris

Payroll Manager