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Policy 2040 – Policy Development

Section A - Purpose of Board Policies

Board of Education policies set forth the governing principles for the operation of the school system and authorize exercise of or set limits on administrative discretion.  Through adopted policies, a board explains values, purposes, and ends to be sought.  Often the superintendent offers recommendations and develops policy proposals, but a policy proposal is only a proposal until it is voted to become policy by the Board.

Section B - Policy vs. Administration

The Board of Education, as the controlling body of the public schools, is charged with the responsibility of establishing policies for the schools and maintaining the best possible education conditions for Glenbrook within available financial resources.  The duty of the Board is the determination of general policies for and the exercise of general supervision of the schools.  The details and administration thereof shall be carried out by the superintendent and professional staff.  The Board shall concern itself with broad questions of policy rather than with administrative details. The superintendent shall utilize the best judgment of the professional staff in administering a sound educational program, enacted by the Board.  The adopted policies shall represent a combination of the lay judgment of the members of the Board and the professional judgment of the superintendent and the superintendent's staff, adopted officially as Board policy.  Having determined its policies, the Board shall support employees whose work it is to implement the policies.

Section C - Policy Draft Writer

The superintendent or the superintendent's designate shall be responsible for recasting group consensus about policy recommendations into acceptable written form for further deliberation or action by the Board of Education.

Section D - Policy Drafting

The Board of Education, recognizing that its policies establish the foundation upon which all other school activities are built, commits itself to involving school constituents in the shaping of policy and the obtaining of expert consultation from outside the district, where appropriate.  It adheres to the principle that all policy requires careful evaluation and definition before final adoption. 

Section E - Attorney Involvement In Policy Development

The superintendent, as the policy draft writer for the Board of Education, shall seek the counsel of the school attorney when, in the superintendent's or the Board's opinion, there may be a question of legality or proper legal procedure in the development of a proposed school board policy.

Section F - Staff Involvement In Policy Development

It shall be the policy of the Board of Education to encourage staff participation in policy-making for the school district.  The superintendent is authorized to establish such committees as necessary to recommend policies for the proper functioning of the district.

Section G - Student Involvement In Policy Development

Most students desire a strong voice in the decisions which affect them and their efforts are welcomed by the Board of Education.  The Board views student participation in school affairs as an extension of the educational process.  This district will encourage students to participate through planned programs and procedures in the government of the school and in curriculum evaluation.

Section H - Policy Adoption

Policies recommended to the Board of Education shall not be adopted until a meeting subsequent to their introduction.  The time lapse will permit further study by Board members and reaction from concerned parties.  Temporary approval of a policy may be granted by the Board to meet emergency conditions or special events which would take place before formal adoption could be enacted.

Section I - Amendments

Policies may be amended by the affirmative vote of the Board of Education at any meeting, provided that a copy of the proposed amendment is included in the agenda for the meeting.

Section J - Policy Dissemination

The superintendent is directed to establish and maintain an orderly plan for preserving and making accessible the policies adopted by the Board of Education and the administrative rules and regulations needed to put them into effect. 

Section K - Policy Review

The Board of Education shall study the ways in which policies have been carried out by the school staff and shall evaluate their impact on the school system.

Section L - Review of Administrative Rules

The superintendent shall prepare and disseminate those administrative rules necessary to implement Board of Education policy, and shall review such rules periodically to determine their effectiveness in carrying out policies. The Board shall retain the prerogative to review any and all administrative rules and may suggest or direct that certain rules be added, modified, or deleted.

Section M - Administration in Policy Absence

In cases when action must be taken within the school system and when the Board of Education has provided no guides for administrative action, the superintendent shall have the power to act.  The superintendent's decisions, however, shall be subject to review by action of the Board at its regular meeting. It shall be the duty of the superintendent to inform the Board promptly of such action and of the need for policy.

Section N - Suspension of Policies

The operation of any section or sections of Board of Education policies not established by law or contract may be temporarily suspended by a majority vote of Board members present at a regular or special meeting.

Section O - Board Policy Manual Revisions

The Board of Education shall make revisions and additions as necessary to the Board policy manual. It is the responsibility of the Board secretary to keep a record of such changes and it is the responsibility of the Board secretary to see that all existing copies of the manual are up to date.


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Revision History:

  • Approved:August 20, 1973 (Item #4904)
  • Revised: January 14, 1985 (Item #8641)
  • Revised: February 28, 1994
  • Revised: February 28, 2000 


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