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Policy 2020 – Advisory Committees

Section A

The Board of Education of District #225 recognizes that certain of its policy decisions may result in significant changes in the educational program of its schools or may directly affect the financial obligations of the district. When in the Board's judgment such decisions should be preceded by organized input from citizens, parents, students, and staff, it may create formal advisory committees for this purpose.

Section B

Advisory committees shall be appointed only when there is a definite function to be performed. This function shall be indicated to the committee in writing when it is appointed.

Section C

Advisory committees shall be appointed to advise the Board of Education. In general, individual members of such committees shall not be requested to perform specific services for the Board. Unique talents of members can best be utilized on a consultative basis. Neither shall advisory committees be appointed to advise on matters requiring a decision by the Board unless adequate time is available for thorough study by the committee.

Section D

Each committee shall be instructed as to: (1) the function the Board of Education wishes it to perform; (2) the length of time each member is being asked to serve; (3) the resources the Board intends to provide to help it complete its job; (4) the approximate dates on which the Board wishes it to submit reports; (5) the time and place of the first meeting; (6) Board policies governing citizens' committees to help clarify relationships from the beginning; (7) its relationships with the Board as a whole, with individual Board members, with the superintendent, and with other members of the professional staff; and (8) the approximate date on which the Board wishes to dissolve the committee.

Section E

Upon completing its assignment, each committee either shall be given new assignments or shall be dissolved promptly. No committee shall be allowed to continue for prolonged periods without a definite assignment. The Board shall have the sole power to dissolve any of its advisory committees and shall reserve the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of any committee.

Section F

The Board of Education shall see that the public is made aware of the services rendered by such committees as it may appoint and shall see that the public is informed of all major conclusions and recommendations made by such committees. All public announcements concerning the organization, membership, operation, recommendations and dissolution of such committees shall be made at such a time and in such manner as the Board may choose.


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Revision History

  • Approved: December 4, 1972
  • Revised: January 14, 1985 (Item #8641)
  • Reviewed: February 28, 1994
  • Revised: February 28, 2000



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