Student Teachers

Student Teaching at the Glenbrooks

Placement Process

To be considered for a student teaching/clinical experience placement in one of the Glenbrook High Schools, please ask the student teacher coordinator at your university to contact the District 225 Human Resources office.

By phone:
By email:
Brad Swanson,
Alice Kus,
By postal mail:
Brad Swanson
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Glenbrook High Schools District 225
3801 W. Lake Ave., Suite 200
Glenview, IL  60026
It is important that you contact us as far in advance as possible of your requested student teaching date. 
In order to be considered, you are required to submit the following:
  • A written request for placement from your university’s student teacher coordinator or School of Education noting the desired dates and specific subject area for placement.
  • A resume or completed student information form.
  • A transcript reflecting all university coursework.
  • Any other supporting documentation you feel will be helpful in introducing yourself to the district.
The application materials you provide will be reviewed by building and district administrators responsible for selecting student teachers.  Interviews with candidates for student teaching placement will be scheduled only after receipt of the above documentation. 

Observation Hours

Students interested in observation hours are required to send a letter to the district office before observing in the schools. The letter should be on university letterhead signed by the department administrator stating that the student is in a program which requires observation hours. Once the letter has been filed at the district office, the student may contact the schools to set up a time convenient for everyone.