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Glenbrook United

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Glenbrook United is the athletic team that participates in Special Olympics sponsored events.  Glenbrook United gets its athletes from all three of the Glenbrook high Schools of Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, and Glenbrook Off Campus.  A student is eligible to participate in Special Olympics, if you are identified as having one of the following:  intellectual disabilities, cognitive delays as measured by a formal assessment, or significant learning or vocational problems due to cognitive delay that requires or has required specially designed instruction.


Kim Petty (GBN) (847) 708-4112
Pa'al Joshi (GBOC) (847) 486-5758
Megan Williams (GBS) (847) 486-4660

Sports with general practice dates and location:  Can join one or multiple sports.  All practices are NOT REQUIRED to participate.  Please note that locations for tournaments are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  • Fall Sports (June through October)
    • VOLLEYBALL- ONCE a week. Practices held at Glenbrook South throughout the Summer-
      Qualifying tournament in September (Hersey High School, Arlington Heights, IL)
      State Tournament end of October (Machesney Park High School, Machesney Park, IL)
    • FLAG FOOTBALL- Practices vary.  Usually Spring and Summer to work on plays.
    • BOCCE BALL (New due to COVID).  Will see about future participation once COVID restrictions are lifted if interest is there.
  • Winter Sports (October through March)
    • ​BASKETBALL- THREE times a week.  Tuesday evening 7-8 PM @ Hersey High School (Arlington Heights, IL), Wednesday evening 6-6:50 PM (Glenbrook North) and Friday 7-8 PM shoot around and occasional skills at Northbrook YMCA.
      Qualifying tournament in January (Hersey High School, Arlington Heights, IL)
      State Tournament in March (Illinois state University, Normal, IL)
    • FLOOR HOCKEY- ONCE a week.  Tuesday evening after basketball 8-9 PM @ Hersey High School (Arlington Heights, IL)
      State Tournament in November (Northeastern University, Chicago, IL)
    • SNOWSHOEING (new due to COVID).  Weather dependant
  • Spring Sports
    • ​SOCCER- ONCE a week.  Tuesday from 7-8 PM @ Hersey High School (Arlington Heights, IL)
    • TRACK & FIELD- ONCE a week.  Depends on athlete availability. 
Interested in Volunteering?
Please contact Kim Petty (information above) for more information.