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Spartan Creed

Halfway around the world lies the ruins of an ancient civilization which once flourished under the Mediterranean sun.

The people of this civilization exalted many virtues. Their very essence was composed of unwavering loyalty, undaunted courage, resolute convictions, incredible endurance, and intense pride in themselves and their accomplishments. The rare harmony and adventurous spirit with which these people lived led them to thrive in the bright blaze of glory.

These were the Spartans.

Today, nearly three thousand years later, the radiant title "Spartan" lives on at Glenbrook in tribute to the strengths of that race. Their inspiration remains, altered approximately by time, and has slowly evolved through the centuries to its present state.

It is not the same adventurous spirit which once crushed all opposition under its invincible surge. It is instead one which has broadened its scope, to develop a society not only of great strength and endurance, but also of great thinkers, the artists, and other masters of creation.

Here at Glenbrook, we have developed a new meaning for the title "Spartan." It is a meaning that transcends the noble virtues of the Spartans antiquity, fusing strength of character and compassion.

No longer does the name Spartan imply a merely military society. Rather, at Glenbrook it has grown to mean the striving for achievement and constant straining for the impossibility of perfection. Those inner qualities that led the Spartans of Ancient Greece on the battlefield now lead us to achievement in a myriad of endeavors.

The new spirit is, at its purest, a common search for excellence. It is a united effort, which tolerates and supports individual expression but is bound together by a group commitment to reaching out for something beyond the ordinary, something wonderful and unique. It is accompanied by a special sense of brotherhood, of mutual understanding and support, as each modern Spartan strives for perfection in his own field. He is never alone in his quest. He is a member of the society devoted to the mixture of ideas, old and new, that make up the name "Spartan."

This is the new spirit of the Spartans, a spirit that has produced unequaled effort and unparalleled achievement, one which will live long after the concrete and steel of Glenbrook have faded into the oblivion of the ages.