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Summer Projects Underway As District 225 Prepares For Upcoming School Year

Summer Projects Underway As District 225 Prepares For Upcoming School Year
Glenbrook Communications

While students are away from the classroom, District 225 spent time updating parts of its buildings.

Glenbrook South Signage

On April 12, 2021, the Board of Education approved a bid from APCO for updating interior signage and wayfinding at Glenbrook South. The project is part of the District’s ongoing safety and security initiatives. The primary goals of this project include:

Create a building numbering system that creates a logical flow throughout the building
Develop a cohesive, aesthetically appropriate and unified wayfinding system that will help individuals navigate effectively into and throughout Glenbrook South
Utilize signage that is timeless in its aesthetic, works with existing architectural elements, and can be easily, and inexpensively updated and maintained
Bring signage into compliance with building code, ADA and life safety requirements
Reduce the number of building fire zones and incorporate the fire zone colors into the signage to identify each zone
Use universal symbols on signage to help improve the wayfinding experience

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Glenbrook North Batting Cages

On May 10, 2021, the Board of Education approved a bid from Paddock Enterprise and Kloepfer Construction to update the two baseball cages at Glenbrook North. The project comes following a routine risk assessment conducted through the school district’s insurance consortium, SSCRMP. 

The assessment found the current batting cages were deemed necessary to remove due to the poles having rusted and deteriorated. In addition, the poles have recently lifted out of the ground due to seasonal freezing and thawing. The poles were originally installed in the late 1980s.

Work to replace the batting cages is estimated to begin in August 2021.

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Glenbrook North Competition and Gymnastics Floors

On June 26, 2021 a PVC drain pipe traveling from the Glenbrook North competition gym’s roof to the sewer burst due to excessive water pressure during a severe thunderstorm. The accident caused severe damage to GBN’s competition (D104, D106) gym and part of its gymnastics gym (D102) floors. The pipe that broke was originally installed in the mid-1990s. 

After investigation, our buildings and grounds team, a construction management firm and plumbing contractors confirmed the pipe was not clogged at the point of entry on the roof or the excit, which is located in the sewer. 

Work to replace the damaged floors begins July 21. It is estimated that the gymnastics floor will be completed on August 13. The competition floors will begin on August 20 and is estimated to be completed on October 15. During this time, a temporary hardwood gym floor will be rented to accommodate the girl's volleyball season. The floor will sit in one of the three fieldhouse courts beginning August 2. The temporary floor is expected to be removed in late October. Physical education classes will be able to use the floor as a volleyball, basketball and fitness station.

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