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Glenbrook Story: GBS Autos Builds Electric Car

Glenbrook Story: GBS Autos Builds Electric Car
Glenbrook Communications

For the first time, Glenbrook South automotive students are assembling an all electric go-kart vehicle. 

GBS Autos Teacher Brad Klimkowski said three electronic vehicles are being built with auto two students.

“These kits are designed to be built, disassembled and rebuilt again by the students. They basically have all the major components that a regular electric vehicle would have,” Klimkowski said.

According to GBS Career and Technical Education Instructional Supervisor Dawn Hall, the vehicles were purchased through grant and department funds. 

“It's the way of the future. Currently, electric vehicles are hard to come by. The vehicles that are gas powered students learn on today are usually donated vehicles from the community. We probably aren’t going to find someone to donate an actual electronic vehicle at this point, so this is the best alternative,“ Klimkowski said.

GBS senior Sebastian Zimmer said there have been a few challenges so far. “We are finding it a little trouble building them. There is definitely a few spots that we have to modify. Some of the holes aren’t necessarily in the right place where you have to put the screws. But overall it’s a really fun project.”

Zimmer plans on a career in ranching and farming and sees the benefits to learning these skills now from a young age.

“I think that everything that I have learned from this class will definitely move me forward in life,” Zimmer said.

GBS senior Max Greenlee said he hopes to own his own auto shop one day, and finds this class beneficial for his future. “When we are probably older there’s probably going to be a lot more electric cars so at least we will know how to work with them.”
Klimkowski estimates it will take the students up to eight weeks to complete the vehicles.

“I’ll have the autos one students actually disassemble them in the fall so there will be learning about fasteners, how to use tools properly through disassembling them. Put them back into kits as parts and then autos two students will reassemble them,” Klimkowski said.

Once built, Klimkowski anticipates creating lesson plans around measuring distance and range.


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