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Glenbrook Story: GBN Woods Learns How to Make Electric Guitars

Glenbrook Story: GBN Woods Learns How to Make Electric Guitars
Glenbrook Communications

Glenbrook North’s woodworking students are getting hands-on education to learn what it takes to make an electronic guitar.

GBN CTE and Technology Education Teacher Mr. Jason Berg brought the project to the classroom at the start of the 2021-2022 school year after attending a national science foundation program where the idea was introduced.

“These guitars they come as kits you know part kits that have a variety of different vendors and different quality of individual components so kids can upgrade down the road if they want to or find the need to,” Mr. Berg said.

The National STEM Guitar Project provides schools across the country with training on science, technology, engineering and math applications related to constructing a guitar.

GBN Freshman Adam Silver said, “I was thinking about making a dark blue guitar.”

Students sand, prime, paint, assemble, and tune their guitars. Mr. Berg said the project can take up to the full semester to complete.

 “The guitars have a value I was told by the organization, somewhere in the 6 to 800 dollar range. So to be able to walk away with something that they created from scratch that has not only a financial value but an intrinsic value I think is great,” Mr. Berg said.

Four guitars were created in the first semester, while an additional six will be added to the collection at the end of this school year.

GBN Sophomore Daniela Vidal is already designing what her guitar will look like next school year. I looked into older vintage guitar models. I’m going to go for a very classic, but I don’t know how to explain it. Just like a very classic electric guitar.” 

Mr. Berg anticipates at least 21 more students will participate in the STEM Guitar Project at GBN next school year.

“I just think it’s one of those skills that at a young age you may not appreciate but once you become an adult it’s definitely of value,” Mr. Berg said.

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