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Xerox Functions

❖  District 225 has contracted with Xerox to provide quality copying and courier services for our buildings and related organizations

❖  Copy Center Locations

  • Glenbrook North High School
  • Glenbrook South High School

❖  See Building Directories for Xerox contact details

❖ Departments have "walk up" machines; review department procedures and maximums when determining if a job should be sent to the Xerox Copy Center

Xerox printing services: black & white copies, bulk mailing, color copies, laminating, bindery, folding & stuffing

❖  Xerox machines (and HP machines with a Genesis sticker) are covered for service and most supplies; contact details are listed in the memo link below 

Serial numbers can be found under "Machine Status" under the "Machine Information" tab 

NOTE - for HP machines with no sticker, Genesis can still be contacted for service and supplies; departments will be charged for service calls, and be expected to pay for any invoices received.


❖  Departments can request services via Xerox, without providing payment at the time of purchase

❖  All services should be requested via a service form (contact Xerox)

❖  Certain services are chargeable such as, but not limited to, color copies and bindery (contact Xerox)

❖  Provide a building or student activity account for all billable services 

❖  The Business Office will receive a statement from Xerox for all chargeable orders placed by your department or club

  • Chargeable services will be debited to accounts 2-3 times per fiscal year, and will be listed as a journal entry in the accounting system 
  • Email communication will be sent to the department, indicating the journal entry has been completed

❖  On rare occasion, Xerox reserves the right to decline a job request (i.e. copyright issues) 

  • Written permission from the copyright holder/owner is required for any  job requests holding a copyright (contact Xerox for details)


❖  The Business Office coordinates all Courier schedules and functions; any special requests should be made via the Business Office

❖ Modification to the schedule for summer and holiday breaks will be communicated via email  

❖  The Courier schedule below includes approximate times for:

  • Mail runs between buildings
  • Daily trips to the USPS 
  • Daily banking functions

❖  Deposits must be turned in at the Bookstore by end of business day, on the day prior to the designated banking date on the Courier schedule