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Voluntary Student Insurance

❖  District 225 has contracted with an outside firm to administer a Voluntary Student Insurance program

❖  The policy provides supplemental accident insurance for students participating in athletic activities generally

❖  Accidents occurring during scheduled practice sessions, games, tournaments, events at other schools, or travel to and from activities are covered under this plan

❖  Contact the outside administrator for program questions, or additional information

Information on the Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Program can be accessed here:

●  Voluntary Student Insurance Coverage Program (outside firm)

●  Voluntary Student Insurance (District 225 Board Policy)

●  Student Accident Insurance Claim Form

❖  Effective August 2013, high schools in Illinois must provide catastrophic accident insurance to students participating in school sponsored or supervised interscholastic athletic events

 Illinois Catastrophic & Health Insurance Legislation 105 ILCS 5/22-15

●  Catastrophic Insurance Claim Form

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