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Wage Payments Using a Student Activity Account

❖ The Accounts Payable Department can only reimburse employees for expenses

❖  Payment for extra duties, or additional services performed by an employee, must be processed through the Payroll Department

❖  In order to charge a student activity account for extra duties, or additional services performed by an employee, a properly completed Student Activity Payroll Transfer Form (SAF) must accompany any time sheet.


●  Time Sheets - (link to District 225 Payroll website)

●  Student Activity Payroll Transfer Form - must be completed and sent along with a time sheet when using a Student Activity account to pay wages

●  Example - Completed Multiple Time Sheet & SA Transfer Form

❖  Contact the Payroll Department if you have questions regarding completion of payroll forms, or concerns regarding extra fees that may be charged to your department account for wages paid via a student activity account. 


❖ Building Rental Hourly Time Sheet - to be used only in connection with work performed for facility rentals

❖ Regular Assignment (Hourly) Time Sheet – can be used by both certified and non-certified staff members that have a contract with District 225 (i.e., clerical, student, IA, Para, teacher working additional hours for Athletics). This time sheet should be used for reporting regular hours, as well as overtime hours.

❖ Miscellaneous Hourly Time Sheet - to be used by non-certified staff only, for duties over and above a contractual employees' normal duties (i.e., an employee works graduation, parking control, radio, intramurals, dances etc.)

❖ Multiple Pay Sheet (Differential Form) - can be used for both non-certified and certified staff (i.e., appropriate for employees judging Debate or Speech tournaments, choreography services, Wellness yoga instruction)



❖ Payroll cutoff dates (time sheet due dates to Human Resources vs. actual pay dates via Payroll)

❖ Regular hours vs. overtime hours

❖ Various types of time sheets and their appropriate use - certified vs. non-certified

❖ Processing of time sheets

  • Use employee identification numbers - no social security numbers
  • Show month/date worked - dates & hours must be listed correctly
  • What part of a month worked - 1st vs 2nd 
  • List work for one month per time sheet - do not cross months, calendar year and/or fiscal year when submitting time sheets
  • No overlapping of dates and/or hours - i.e. no double dipping
  • Payroll account numbers must be used - i.e must be a salary account

NOTE - If someone else is preparing a time sheet on behalf of an employee, the employee must review all time sheet details; errors and omissions will result in the delay of processing a payment request