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Student Activity

❖ Activity funds are established to direct and account for monies used to support co-curricular and extra-curricular student activities

❖ As a general rule, co-curricular activities are any kinds of school-related activities outside the regular classroom that directly add value to the formal or stated curriculum

❖Extra-curricular activities involve a wide range of student clubs and organizations such as Art, Band, Debate, Drama, Music Concerts, School Plays and Special Field Trips  

❖ Unlike building funds, student activity funds will roll over into the new fiscal year

(Note - account balances may temporarily be unavailable in the accounting system during our summer auditing period, but will re-appear once the prior fiscal year has been closed and only one year remains open in the system)


A Student Activity payment is charged to a quick key that begins with an 8:

  • District quick keys begin with 81
  • GBN quick keys begin with 82
  • GBS quick keys begin with 83 
  • Glenbrook Aquatics quick keys begin with 85