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New Fiscal Year Purchase Orders (while the current fiscal year is still open)

❖ The Board of Education will approve the creation of Purchase Orders for the upcoming (new) fiscal year in the spring 

❖ An email will be sent by the Business Office advising when new fiscal year funds will be available, as well as touch on the points below:

  • 75% of the current year’s budget, in each department Board account, will be allocated for new year purchase orders
  • To create purchase orders using new fiscal year funds, please remember to have the correct year selected during the requisition process
  • If you accidentally create a purchase order in the current year, instead of the new fiscal year, the purchase order will need to be closed and a new purchase order created in the new fiscal year
  • The Business Office cannot pay invoices related to new fiscal year purchases until after year end close
  • It is the responsibility of each department to make sure vendors understand that new fiscal year payments will be released mid to late July
  • If payment is required before July 1, the funds will come out of the current fiscal year
  • If you must send new fiscal year invoices over to the Business Office before July 1, make sure invoices are clearly stamped or noted for next fiscal year payment; otherwise, the invoice will be paid from current fiscal year funds