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Purchase Orders

❖ A purchase order details the agreement between a department (school) and a vendor, confirming the final cost of goods or services

❖ When issued by a department, and accepted by the vendor, the purchase order becomes a legal document, confirming the goods or services to be provided


❖   A purchase order is an approved requisition

❖  The approved purchase order indicates there are funds available to cover the cost of the requested goods or services 

❖  Use the accounting software program to create a requisition.  Follow any specific building instructions regarding descriptions on purchase orders.

  • When creating purchase orders for Office Depot, you are required to list the accounting "quick key" in the requisition "Line Item Description"; this will assist in the approval process, as well as with updating of the Office Depot web site

❖  The Business Office does not issue purchase orders for building budgets

❖  Once a purchase order has received final approval, the designated person at your building will:

  • Batch update the purchase orders in the accounting system
  • Fax a copy to the vendor (if required)
  • Provide you with a copy of the purchase order for your records

NOTE – Office Depot purchase orders will be forwarded to the Business Office for updating of the Office Depot website with the approved funds


❖  Approved purchase orders cannot be changed or modified

❖ If a vendor purchase order must be changed for any reason, the old purchase order must be closed and a new requisition/purchase order generated (see procedures below)


❖  After verifying that the product has been delivered, submit an approved invoice to the Accounts Payable Department for processing of payment

  • If you receive a partial shipment, you may process an invoice for the items received; make sure to indicate “partial” when referencing the purchase order on the invoice
  • If you choose to order remaining items through a different vendor, close out the old purchase order and generate a new purchase order for the new vendor

❖  Note the purchase order number on the invoice, and indicate if the payment is “final” or “partial” 

  • Final indication will close out a purchase order
  • Partial will keep the purchase order open
  • If a purchase order is not noted on the invoice, the bill will be paid directly
  • If the purchase order is listed, but “partial” or “final” is not noted, the purchase order will automatically be closed
  • Double check that the account number used on the purchase order is the one you wish to charge. If not, follow the instructions below. 

  If you pay an invoice using a different account number from the one that was used to generate the purchase order:

  • You must request that the purchase order be closed and pay the invoice direct
  • Please do not reference the purchase order on the invoice at all!

❖  Service related purchase orders may not be paid using a department Pcard; such purchases must be paid via check only!  If using a Pcard for payment, request that the service related purchase order be closed, and pay the invoice directly. Only tangible goods may be paid with a Pcard.


❖  Contact the designated person in your building to close or cancel an existing purchase order.

  • If your building representative is not available, you may email a member of the Accounts Payable Department, indicating the vendor name and the number of the purchase order to be closed

❖  Funds remaining on a purchase order to be closed will be added back into the account originally charged when the purchase order was created

❖ If you don’t close an existing purchase order that is no longer required, unnecessary funds will remain encumbered in your budget and will not be available for other required expenses

❖  All current year purchase orders will be closed at a designated date in June for the current fiscal year and will not be reopened in the new fiscal year