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Traveling with a Pcard

❖  The Business Office highly recommends the following steps be considered when using a Pcard while traveling within IL, or out of state (Pcard use is not authorized for international travel):
  • Estimate your expenses prior to travel
  • Ensure there is enough credit left on the Pcard you plan to use
    • Use online access to verify the amount currently charged on your card and the spending limit remaining
    • If you do not have online access, request that your department Administrative Assistant check the limit available
  • Increase the credit limit on the Pcard in order to accommodate the trip, even if temporarily, to avoid declined charges. For instructions on how to increase a card limit, click here
  • Consider taking a backup credit card or debit card for your travels
    • Many credit card issuers are using security software and other means to fight fraud, so anticipate that the Pcard could be declined, suspended, lost or stolen
    • Don't keep all your cards (or card replacement information) in the same place when you travel
  • Take school identification with you
  • Treat your cell phone like the computers they really are; lock them in order to keep data secure and inaccessible