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Tax Exempt Issues & Online Purchases


❖  Our tax-exempt number is printed on your Pcard; the last two digits change each time the IL exempt number is renewed (i.e. 2015-2019 valid IL tax exempt number ends with 7, the one issued prior ended in 6 etc.) 

❖  You must remind the sales clerks that we are tax exempt before they begin your transaction; having our tax number listed on the Pcard is a convenience only

❖  In cases where tax is charged in error the sales clerk, or store manager, should reverse the tax charges immediately  

❖  Due to a glitch within the BMO Harris Bank system, statements may occasionally show tax charged on a purchase, even though the original receipt does not show sales tax; the Business Office will request that you review these charges, to ensure the error was not on the part of a Pcard user

  • If your receipt does not include tax, no need to do anything
  • If your receipt does include tax, please contact the vendor to have the charges credited
  • Anything over $5.00 - tax MUST be credited on the following statement
  • Anything under $5.00 – crediting not a must, but if it’s an easy call to the vendor, please make an effort to do so; if it’s a regular vendor always ask, they should know better!
  • Do not waste valuable time by sending employees on a special trip to have the charges reversed! 

❖  Departments consistently charging tax on their Pcard, with no effort to resolve the matter, will have their Pcard account deactivated

❖  Communicate your tax refund efforts on the statement, or on the receipt, indicating refund expectations

❖  Do not send cash or checks to the Business Office for refunds regarding overcharges or tax refunds

❖  Cash and checks should be deposited at the Bookstore, & a copy of the check and deposit slip attached to the Pcard statement as proof of refund


❖  Set up all online vendor accounts tax exempt before making required purchases; we recommend that each department have an account for common online vendors (i.e. Amazon, Walmart; see the Amazon Pcard page as an example and what types of pages to look for when setting up such accounts)

❖  When ordering online look for, and complete in advance, all necessary tax exempt information; every website has a different process

  • Look for a small check off box or link at the bottom of the web page which will lead you to the correct procedures 
  • Type in “tax exempt” when searching for help to obtain the required vendor set up procedures
  • Some sites may require you to make your purchase, and upon receiving your shipment or confirmation, submit the necessary information by fax or e-mail in order to receive a refund of any sales tax

❖  In cases where you are charged tax in error, contact Customer Service to have the sales tax credited to the Pcard