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Statements, Processing Cycle & Forms


❖  All credit cards for District 225 must be paid at one time  

❖  Departments that do not adhere to the due dates listed below risk having their Pcard account placed on probationary status and deactivated

❖  If your overall statement balance is a credit balance, you must still process the statement as usual; quick key accounts are required for any credits on the current billing cycle.    

  • 5th - billing cut off date; new cycle begins on the 6th 
  • 6th - statements available for printing by 10am (your department full card limit will be available on the 6th of every month)
  • 10th - reconciled statements due to the Associate Principal /Main Office
  • 15th - reconciled statements due to the Business Office

If the 10th or 15th falls on a weekend or holiday... paperwork is due to the  
Main Office and/or Business Office the day prior!


❖  Statements must be printed on the 6th of each month (or the next business day if the 6th falls on a weekend); statements cannot be generated sooner

❖  Statements should be available by 10 a.m., but could be ready sooner

Online Statement Access & Printing Procedures

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❖  Control Form must be completed accurately and attached to your receipts and monthly statement

❖  Group "like" accounts together on your Cover Sheet; verify that all subtotals for "like" accounts total the amount due on your statement

●  P Card Monthly Statement Control Form (NEW Feb 2017)


❖ Sign-in/Sign-out Form must be completed by the Department Administrator responsible for the Pcard when a Pcard is taken off site only; not required for online or onsite purchases

❖  Sign-in/Sign-out Form must be submitted along with your monthly Control Form, Statement and receipts

❖  Sign-in/Sign-out Form may be required by BMO Harris Bank to show location of a Pcard at the time fraudulent charges occur 

❖  Remind employees to take school ID and our current tax exempt letter when making off site purchases

●  P Card Sign-in/Sign-out Form


❖  Auditors require consistency in the Pcard process, therefore, the Example Packet must be followed in its entirety

❖  All receipts must be in order as they appear on your statement; please number your receipts where possible, especially if they are out of order

❖  All small receipts must be scotch taped (or stapled) to an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, or copied accordingly; if you have numerous small receipts, you may place as many as will fit on one page, as long as you number them in correct order

❖ Incomplete paperwork will be returned for further clarification

 ●  P Card Monthly Statement Example Packet


❖   For Grant related payments, please follow the guidelines indicated below 

●  Grant Related Payments