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New Pcard Request

❖  The Associate Principal must email approval to the Business Office Pcard Administrator(s) with the following information:

  • Card name to be added (typically the department or club name, not a name of an individual - i.e GBS Science or GBN Drama)
  • Instructional Supervisor and Administrative Assistant associated with department approvals and processing of monthly statement(s)
  • Monthly spending limit 

❖  A request will be made for a new account (Pcard) with the credit card company; a new card typically takes 7-10 business days to receive

❖  The new Pcard user(s) must sign the Pcard User Agreement  (link to User Agreement page) prior to use of the Pcard

❖  The activated Pcard will be sent directly to the department or club Administrative Assistant as soon as it is received (an email will be sent to advise the appropriate parties that the Pcard is being sent via interoffice mail)