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Increasing a Pcard Limit

❖  If you are running low on funds, or just generally wish to pay more invoices on your Pcard and wish to have a higher limit:

  • The Pcard Instructional Supervisor must email a request to the Associate Principal, stating 1) the reason for the increase and 2) the amount of the increase
  • The Associate Principal must email approval to the Business Office Pcard Administrator(s) for the necessary increase

❖  The Business Office will contact the credit card company for the required increase

❖ The department requesting an increase will be notified via email once such increase has been completed

❖ Increase requests are usually completed within 24-48 hours from receipt of required approval

❖ Do not contact another department and use their Pcard if you are low on funds; for auditing & approval purposes this is not unacceptable

  • Preferred option - Increase your limit, even if for a short period of time, to accomodate any special charges, trips or situations your department may be experiencing.
  • Alternate option - Turn to the Main Office of your building for use of a card with a larger limit