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Pcard Fraud vs Dispute


❖  It is imperative that you understand the difference between Fraud & Dispute charges; do not report a transaction as fraud prematurely! 

❖  Lack of research and effort regarding an unclear transaction causes additional work for your department, the Business Office, and creates difficulties in established relationships with existing vendors District wide! Remember, this may not just affect your department!

❖  Email all department staff to ensure that no one has used the Pcard; an employee may have the your pcard number on file from a prior purchase, and neglected to provide you with a receipt from a purchase

❖  Contact the vendor to see if they can help resolve a suspicious charge; another department within District 225 could have made a purchase, and your Pcard could have been charged in error

❖  Sometimes it may help to speak to the Accounting Department vs. Customer Service; they may have access to additional screens and credit card details, which can better assist you in clarifying an unfamiliar charge

❖  Keep detailed notes regarding your efforts to resolve the matter (dates, time, names of representatives you spoke to and their promises to resolve the matter), as BMO Harris Bank requires such details when filing a dispute


❖  Charges belonging to your department, in excess of an initial agreement with a vendor may be an honest mistake; this is considered a dispute; it is not appropriate to report these types of charges as fraud!

❖  Contact the vendor to credit your Pcard for the difference, provide you with a refund check or credit your next purchase

  • Some Customer Service representatives are more helpful than others; sometimes contacting a second representatives can lead to better results
  • Ask to speak to the Accounting Department vs. Customer Service, they may have access to additional screens and credit card details to assist you in resolving such matters

❖  Credits on a Pcard may take a cycle or two to clear up, and refund checks take time to issue; be patient, however, make sure to follow up

❖  You must pay charges you are trying to resolve in full to avoid interest on your Pcard; choose a flow through account for the charge; use this same account when the credit comes through

❖  If within 1-2 statement cycles this is not resolved, you should file a dispute; your Pcard account will be credited and the vendor contacted by the credit card company to assist in resolving the matter

❖  Mastercard prefers disputes be reported sooner vs. later; however, the law allows up to 180 calendar days for unresolved disputes to be reported from the date of transaction


❖  After thorough research, any charges that clearly do not belong to your department should be reported to the Business Office as fraud

❖  Your current account will be shut down and a new Pcard number issued

❖ New Pcards may take as long as 7-10 business days to receive; take appropriate measures to ensure that any necessary purchases requiring a Pcard are covered in the interim:

  • Contact the Main Office to use the Principal's Pcard
  • Contact the Business Office Pcard Administrator(s) to use the District Pcard
  • Do not contact another department and use their Pcard; for auditing purposes this is considered unacceptable 
  • If your department controls more than one card, you may use another card in the interim, just make sure to use the correct account numbers when reconciling your statement