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End of Year Procedures


❖  Pcards should be locked away in a safe place over the summer; see building procedures

❖  Most departments are  not authorized to charge during the summer months; exceptions will be noted in the memo and only in consultation with the Main Office

❖  Should your department require use of a Pcard after the final June statement, please contact the Main Office in your building to use the Principal's Pcard 

❖  If your June statement has a credit balance, it will carry over through the summer; the amount will be credited in the next fiscal year, only after your department has charged in excess of the credit amount

❖   All charges incurred after the June statement will be paid in the new fiscal year

❖Special instructions will be emailed at the beginning of April, explaining appropriate cut off dates for orders placed against current fiscal year budgets


❖  Are expected to process statements as usual; NO EXCEPTIONS!

❖  Department Instructional Supervisors are expected to process such statements if Administrative Assistants are unavailable to do so 

❖  Should neither party be available in your department to process your statement, please make arrangements with the Main Office to cover in your absence

❖  Should your summer statement not be processed timely, the Business Office will choose an account at random to charge for your expenses; a Reclass request will need to be submitted to the Main Office for any required adjustments


❖  Effective fiscal year 15/16, the "extra" Pcard statement will no longer be generated

❖  All charges incurred after the June 6th statement will be paid in the new fiscal year