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District Office Pcard Use

❖ If your department has been granted use of the District Pcard for excessively large purchases, the modified Gray Request for Payment Form below (not the usual blank gray form) must be completed

❖ This form has a typed header at the top of the page, in order to avoid confusion and duplication of payments in the Business Office

❖ Indicate on the top of the page which Business Office employee authorized use of the credit card

❖ Complete the following missing details on the Approval Form:

  • Description of payment
  • Account number(s) to charge
  • Total dollar amount charged

❖ Attach back up documentation to the form (invoice, contract and emails regarding purchased; make sure your invoices add up to the total amount charged)!

❖ Forward the completed form to your Instructional Supervisor and Associate Principal's Office for approval as you would normally