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Policy & User Agreements


❖  The Pcard is the responsibility of the Instructional Supervisor; this responsibility can be delegated to the department Administrative Assistant

❖  The department Instructional Supervisor must be in control of the whereabouts of the Pcard at all times!

❖  Employees and volunteers are not authorized to pass the card around to each other without full control of the department Instructional Supervisor

❖  Use of the Pcard is prohibited until the User Agreement is approved by the Associate Principal and submitted to the Business Office

❖  The Authorized User List is updated as time permits

❖ If you do not see a name listed in the User List file below, please contact the Business Office Pcard Administrator(s) for clarification

●  Authorized Pcard User List - (Google Sheets)


❖ A User Agreement must be signed by all new employees, those employees transferring to a new position requiring use of the Pcard, as well as any parents or community volunteers using a  Glenbrook Pcard

❖ Once on file, the User Agreement is considered valid for the duration of employment, regardless if an employee transfers to a new position within the District

❖ The Pcard webage contains detailed bookkeeping procedures and user guidelines 

❖ All new Pcard users should be instructed to review the Accounting Pcard webpage in detail, prior to signing the User Agreement below 

●  P Card User Agreement