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Purchasing Cards (Pcards)


❖ Use of the District 225 Purchasing Cards (Mastercard program) is a privilege  

❖ Service related purchases may not be paid using a department Pcard!  Such purchases must be paid via a check request only!  

❖  Card limits are reset on the 6th of each month

❖  Statement cycles must be adhered to, otherwise the user or department will forfeit use of the Pcard

❖ Pcards are similar to personal and corporate credit cards, but do have some exceptions

❖ All purchases via the Pcard must be Tax Exempt (link to Tax Exempt page)


❖  Please contact the Business Office Pcard Administrator(s) to assist you in resolving any Pcard usage problems

❖  Departmental access and rights are limited to the information via online access profiles


❖  Regular business hours - notify the Business Office immediately 

❖ Outside of normal business hours: contact BMO Harris Bank at the number below to report the loss; make sure to notify the Business Office as well: 

  • Toll free within the USA & Canada 1-800-361-3361 (24 hours) 
  • Collect outside of US & Canada (International) 1-541-877-0330 (24 hours)