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Adding (Replenishing) Funds To An Account

❖  If you are running low on funds in an Office Depot account, and wish to add additional spending dollars to that account, create a requisition for Office Depot in Skyward for required approvals

  • In the requisition "Line Item Description", you are required to list the Quick Key; this will assist in the approval process, as well as with updating the Office Depot web site
  • The total funds requested on the new requisition should be the total amount the department requires in the Office Depot account
  • If an old purchase order exists for your account, and contains any funds, it will be closed out.  The new purchase order will replace the old one
    • (i.e., the old purchase order balance is $15, but your department requires $500 for spending in the Office Depot account. $15 will be returned to the original budget account charged when the old purchase order is closed; $500 will be encumbered with the new purchase order.  $500 is the amount that will be available on the Office Depot site)

❖  The Main Office will notify the Business Office that an approved Office Depot purchase order ir ready for updating 

❖  The Office Depot website will be updated with the new funds, and the requester will be notified that the Office Depot account has been replenished