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Jury Duty


❖ The Board of Education considers jury duty a responsibility of all Americans and encourages participation by employees

❖ The employee will continue to receive his/her full regular salary or wage from the District while serving on jury duty  

❖ The Board is cognizant that certain expenses may be incurred by employees when serving on jury duty above those normally associated with employment at the Glenbrook High Schools. Therefore, the Board authorizes the employee to keep monies expended for mileage (not to exceed the IRS rate), train fare, parking and tolls, meals (not to exceed the per diem rate authorized by the District) and miscellaneous expenses that are itemized.

❖  It is the position of the Board that no employee gain remuneration above that which he or she would be entitled to from performing their regular duties in District 225. Therefore, all monies received from jury duty beyond expenses referred to above must be returned to the District.


❖ Attach a copy of your Jury Duty reimbursement check or stub to the form; do not send your original jury duty check to the Business Office (check is yours to keep)

❖ Meal per diem does not require back up, and cannot exceed $8 per day (see Board Policy 6040PRO as amount is set based on Professional Leave rates)

❖ Attach backup documentation for all expenses, including mileage claims over $10

❖ Send your form directly to the Business Office, along with a check for any amount due; building approval not required

❖  Do not send cash via inter mail; if payment is due, contact the Business Office for an appropriate account number, and deposit the cash in the Bookstore

NOTE -  The form(s) above will print one copy only. Please electronically save and/or copy all forms, supporting documents & receipts for your records.