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Vendor Insurance Requirements

❖  A certificate of insurance, with corresponding endorsements, must be on file with District 225 before any construction, maintenance services or repair projects can begin (see requirements below).


General Insurance Requirements & Limits

● Sample Certificate of Insurance Vendors​


General Insurance Requirements & Limits

● Sample Certificate of Insurance for Construction Projects 


❖ Certificates and endorsements are intended to ensure that the organization performing work on District 225 facilities, or surrounding grounds, has adequate insurance

❖ As a rule of thumb, whoever is responsible for negotiating the contract should also be the party responsible for ensuring that an approved certificate and endorsements are in place prior to commencement of work

❖ Insurance companies may not release required documents until a properly executed contract is in place, referencing District 225 requirements as indicated above

❖ Long term vendor contracts (work not completed within one year) require the vendor to submit a new certificate, with corresponding endorsements, for each year during the duration of said contract   

❖ Certificates of insurance submitted may be rejected, and work to be performed compromised or delayed, if:

●  Properly executed contracts are not in place
●  Coverages and limits are not met per District 225 requirements 
●  Endorsements are not provided for all policies required
For questions regarding Certificates of Insurance & Endorsements, please contact the Purchasing & Operations Department at the District 225 Business Office.