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Vendor Payments


❖ Checks will be issued in accordance with Board meeting dates as scheduled by the Board of Education

❖ Vendor checks will be released the day after a scheduled Board of Education meeting

❖ Vendor payments (officials, construction, and payments processed on a regular invoice, should not be confused with Employee Reimbursements, Imprest payments or Student Activity Funds - see further details below)

  • Provide social security or tax identification numbers for all service related invoices, regardless of the dollar amount charged (i.e., officials, choreographers, judges, painters etc)
  • Checks will not be issued without a proper mailing address.  It is the requestor’s responsibility to indicate the correct remittance address on any paperwork submitted, otherwise, the default remittance address in our accounting system will be used


Expediting a Vendor payment or requesting an Employee Reimbursement

In accordance with Board policy 4080, an Imprest Fund allows immediate payment for travel and other budgeted items which require prompt attention. Such expenses may include: 

  • Athletic contest fees and qualifying official payments

  • Bills, which if paid immediately, receive a discount

  • Employee and Student reimbursements 

  • Payments made to meet a specific due date in order to avoid late fees, penalties and interest that bypass the Vendor payment process listed above (i.e. revolving accounts)

  • Purchases for which purchase orders and/or District Pcards cannot be used (i.e., a check is required at the time of purchase)

  • Employee Professional Leave related expenses

  • Student club contest and registration fees, as well as travel related expenses and advances

❖  Complete the Request for Payment Form below to expedite a vendor check, as well as request an employee reimbursement

❖  Attach contracts, invoices, student event registration forms, Bookstore student collection lists and proof of payment for department related purchases or other required expenses

❖  Please do not use the Request for Payment Form for employee dues benefits, mileage claims, professional leave related expenses or tuition reimbursements (visit the Employee Reimbursements page for detailed instructions)


NOTE -  The form(s) above will print one copy only. Please electronically save and/or copy all forms, supporting documents & receipts for your records as well as those required by your department.

Follow building instructions when sending forms to the Main Office for approval!