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Student Refunds


❖  Refunds for course fees, obligations, or other charges should be requested via the Bookstore.
❖  Cashiers employed by the Bookstore do not have the authority to waive any fees. If a parent has a concern about a course fee, obligation, or other financial responsibility, a member of the school administration should engage in a conversation with the parent.
❖  If a situation is identified where a student has "double paid" for an item (ex. Yearbook, activity pass, homecoming ticket), or has paid for a fee that is no longer applicable (ex. course fee for a dropped course), a refund will need to be processed.
❖  Unfortunately, our point of sale (POS) system is unable to process refunds to credit cards, and cannot provide refunds in cash. (Note: This has always been our practice.)  As a result, all refunds will be processed by the Business Services department in the form of a paper check.
❖  For audit and tracking purposes, refunds will only be processed after a Request for Student Financial Account Refund form has been completed and submitted by the Bookstore for processing.

Contact details for our Bookstores:

  • Glenbrook North High School
    • Phone (general number) - extension 2407
    • Mary Jean Meier (direct) - extension 2409;
  • Glenbrook South High School
    • Vince Raimondi (direct) - extension 4407;
    • Yosh Islam (Manager) – extension 4879