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Mileage Claims

MILEAGE  - Effective 1/1/17 the IRS Business rate is $ 0.535 per mile

(Forms for the old rate of $0.54 will remain on this page until fiscal year end)

❖  Complete a Mileage Form for work related travel (see forms below)

❖ Please do not use this form for Professional Leave related mileage; please visit the Professional Leave page
❖  Attach back up documentation for all line items where your claim totals $10 or more (Example - 19 miles x .54  = $10.26, thus requiring back up)  
  • Travel between school buildings is exempt from back up
  • Travel submissions under $10 is exempt from back up 
  • Map Quest or Google Maps is considered acceptable back up

❖   Start from your “home base” Monday through Friday

  • Show starting address and ending address on back up; round trip is not required, one way is sufficient
  • Weekends - okay to log mileage from home address
  • Summer - acceptable to log mileage from your home address on days your contract does not require you to be at the Glenbrooks

❖ Mileage may not be claimed in advance of travel; request mileage reimbursement only after travel has been completed


NOTE -  The form(s) above will print one copy only. Please electronically save and/or copy all forms, supporting documents & receipts for your records as well as those required by your department.

Follow building instructions when sending forms to the Main Office for approval!