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Check Run Schedules

IMPREST (Employee Reimbursements) & Student Activity 

❖ Paperwork must be received in the Business Office by Tuesday afternoon

❖ No check run during week long breaks

❖ Limited check run during weeks containing a holiday

❖ Employee reimbursements mailed to buildings, unless stated otherwise

❖ Not all checks are released on Friday; over $500 may be released Monday

❖ Plan ahead 

●  Imprest, Student Activity & Aquatics (School Year)

Imprest, Student Activity & Aquatics (Summer Schedule)

NOTE: Please review the Vendor Payments web page to better understand which vendor expenses qualify as Imprest payments. Imprest payments are made in accordance with Board policy 4080.

VENDOR (in line with Board Meetings)

●  Vendor (July to December Current Fiscal Year)

●  Vendor (Jan to June Current Fiscal Year)


End of Fiscal Year Deadlines 2015-16 (Sample Memo)