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Check Requests


❖ Attach proof of payment - copy of cleared check from your bank front and back (OR) credit/debit card payment 

❖  Submit detailed invoices, registration forms, mileage back up or contracts where required for audit purposes (no packing slips, pending shipments, cover sheets, quotes or statements)

Note - few exceptions apply; contact the Business Office for further clarification

❖  At fiscal year end - use CURRENT YEAR or NEXT YEAR stamps to ensure invoices are paid out of the intended fiscal year; do not use "stickies", as they may be lost in transit 

❖ Provide social security or tax identification numbers for all service related invoices, regardless of the dollar amount charged (employees should never list their social security number on any requests submitted to the Accounting Department

  • Consult the Accounting Department with any service related purchase concerns 
  • Example of service related expenses are not limited to the following categories - alterations, artwork design, instrument repair, camera repair, choreography, dry cleaning services, judging, officiating, painting, certain professional leave registration fees, honorarium & speaker fees, etc.)

❖ Submit check requests for service related expenses and not expense reimbursement requests!

  • Employees, parents and volunteers are not authorized to pay for service related expenses
  • Reimbursement for service related expenses will be rejected by the Business Office

❖  Review check run schedules for weeks with limited runs, or no check runs, due to holidays

❖  List account numbers to charge

❖  Obtain required approvals

❖  Plan ahead 

*See additional Check Request pages for required forms & procedures*