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Bookstore Functions

❖ District 225 has contracted with Beck's Bookstore to function as the central collection office for:

  • Academic, field trip, obligation and student activity fees
  • Deposit of all cash receipts
  • Purchase of classroom supplies (i.e. computers, books, other required study materials, warranty issues for Chromebooks etc.) 
  • Sale of school apparel (GBS only)

(NOTE - Other than our Booster Club's, District 225 does not have any outside entity selling apparel on our behalf.  Do not cash any checks made payable to your building, department, or District 225, for such supposed sales. These payments are considered scams. Please forward any checks of this nature to the Business Services.) 

❖ Departments can purchase items via the Bookstore, and provide an appropriate building or student activity account for billing, without making payment at the time of purchase

❖  Business Services will receive a monthly statement from the Bookstore for all purchases made by departments and clubs

  • Charges will appear as an invoice in the accounting system and will read "Beck's Bookstore Inc." 
  • Charges will be debited against the account provided to the Bookstore at the time of purchase 


Contact details for our Bookstores:

  • Glenbrook North High School
    • Phone (general number) - extension 2407
    • Mary Jean Meier (direct) - extension 2409;
  • Glenbrook South High School
    • Vince Raimondi (direct) - extension 4407;
    • Yosh Islam (Manager) – extension 4879