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14 Passenger White Buses (Activity Buses)


❖ The Athletic Departments at Glenbrook South and Glenbrook North schedule the use of District 225 activity buses. Please contact them directly for bookings.

❖ Should a scheduling conflict arise, you will need to review alternate transportation options. The school Athletic Department will assess all requests based on costs and importance of events.

❖ Off Campus buses are in use weekdays (school days). They are primarily intended for Transition use, shuttling students between campuses.  Please contact the Off Campus coordinator for emergency requests during the weekdays, as well as availabilities in the evenings and on the weekends.  


❖  Prior to driving 14 passenger white buses, employees are required to:

●  Have an approved MVR on file (see Motor Vehicles & Drivers)

● Obtain required training regarding operations and procedures of said buses (one trainer assigned per school - please contact the Athletic Departments or the District Receptionist for information on assigned trainers)

14 Passenger Bus Training Packet 

Under no circumstances should the bus be taken out without a cellular phonePursuant to IDOT 92 Illinois Administrative Code 436, Sub chapter E, all 14 Passenger Activity Bus drivers must have a working cellular phone with them when using the buses. 


❖  Should any accident or vehicle breakdown occur, with or without students, you must immediately notify your supervisor and follow the established school Accident Procedures

●  14 Passenger Accident Report Form

●  14 Passenger Emergency Breakdown Procedures


❖  Proof of Vehicle Insurance coverage should be located in each vehicle

❖ Should your vehicle be missing proof of coverage, a copy can be obtained below

●  Vehicle Insurance Coverage (current calendar year)