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When you select "Yes" below, you are now agreeing that the contract is binding and subject to all the rules the District 225 Bus Transportation rules and regulations. 

Should you experience any difficulty purchasing online, please try to use another browser, such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  

*A non-refundable convinience fee of $2.50 per transaction will apply to all the online credit card transactions.

Before registering, please review the Rules & Regulations. When registering more than one student from the same family, please note that you will be agreeing that the rules apply to all students in that family.
Glenbrook North Students
Have student ID number ready 
(Call 847-509-2462 for ID#)
Glenbrook South Students
Have student ID number ready
(Call 847-486-4453 for ID#)
Accessing My Online Payment History
(Parents who have previously purchased online)
     (your main web store page)
2. On left column, look for "Services" in darker blue. 
3. Click on the "My Account" link (3rd choice down below Services)