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Frequently Asked Questions About Transportation

2016 - 2017
Q: What if I'm not sure my student will need bus transportation for next year, why should I register now?
A: When registering by June 3rd, you could save OVER $150 on a bus pass and there is a full "no questions asked" refund, if requested in writing, by 4:30 PM, August 1, 2016. After June 3rd, seats will be offered on a “space available basis” only. Once the bus has reached capacity (50 students) we will establish a waiting list. NO NEW BUSES WILL BE ADDED.
Q: Are all students guaranteed a seat on the bus?
A: Registration is on a first come basis. Those students that register between April 4th and June 3rd are more likely to get a seat on the bus, then those registering after June 3rd.
Q: Why do Glenbrook North students get picked up so early in the morning?
A: Because we only have one set of buses to transport both GBN and GBS students, we must start the GBN route early (approximately 6:50 AM) in order to begin the GBS routes by 7:15 AM and get the GBS students to school by 7:50 AM.
Q: Why do some Glenbrook South buses arrive at GBS in the afternoon, WELL AFTER dismissal time, (3:15 PM)?
A: Glenbrook North’s afternoon dismissal is 2:55 PM. Because the buses must get all the GBN student’s home before beginning their afternoon routes for GBS, some buses can be 20 – 30 minutes late. PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ISSUED; ONCE SCHOOL STARTS BECAUSE OF ANY LATE AFTERNOON BUSES.
Q: Can we purchase a one-way bus pass?
A: No. All bus passes are round-trip, which includes access to the late activity bus.
Q: What are late activity buses?
A: The late activity buses run Mon. - Fri at times determined by each school. Students are welcome to take those buses any day that they might have to stay after school for an activity, sporting event, etc. Please note that activity passes are not sold individually.  You must purchase a full-year bus pass in order to ride the late activity buses.
Q: Are there early morning activity buses?
A: No.
Q: Is there a discount for sibling riders?
A: Yes. The district offers a 50% discount for every sibling of a paid in full rider.
Q: Can you purchase semester bus passes?
A: No. We do not sell bus passes by semester. Bus passes are valid for the entire school year.
Q: Once we register for the bus how do we get the bus pass?
A: If you purchase a bus pass for your student, it will be printed on the BACK of the student ID and distributed to the student at book sale in August.
Q: Why doesn’t the bus stop right in front of my house?
A: There are three reasons: 1. Time constraints, 2. Having only one set of buses to
transport students at both GBN & GBS, and 3. The Illinois State School Code which specifies an acceptable walking distance for a high school student to walk to school and/or a bus stop is 1.5 miles.
Q: Can we request a special bus stop?
A: No. To be fair, routes are designed so that the majority of stops are 3 – 5 blocks from students’ homes.
Q: What if I think I will qualify for financial assistance?
A: In order to get preference for seating on the bus we strongly suggest that you register no later than June 3rd. NO PAYMENT WILL BE DUE. We will verify whether or not you qualify for financial assistance before releasing the student’s bus pass.
Q: Who determines financial assistance?
A: Financial assistance is determined at the district office, by the district registrar, Linda Regal.
When you receive your registration packet, over the summer, included in the
packet will be forms to apply for financial aid. Those forms need to be completed and returned to the district office where eligibility will be determined. 
For any questions regarding financial assistance, please contact Linda Regal at 847-486-4717 or at
Q: What is the district’s refund policy on bus pass purchases?
A: A full refund is available, provided it is requested in writing and received in the District Business Office, 3801 West Lake Ave, Suite 301, Glenview, IL 60026, by the close of business, (4:30 PM), by August 1, 2016. “In Writing” means, via fax: 847-486-4734, via email: or mail: 3801 West Lake Ave, Suite 301, Glenview, IL 60026.
The person requesting a refund must be able to verify that the refund request was received in the District Business Office by the deadline.
If a question arises regarding the Business Office’s timely receipt of a refund request, a refund will not be provided unless the person requesting the refund verifies that the Business Office received the request by the deadline.
REFUND POLICY for STUDENTS WHO WITHDRAW FROM SCHOOL: Only refunds requested within thirty (30) days of the official drop date, will be issued. These refund amounts will be prorated based on the date that the request AND bus pass is received, in writing, at the District office. These refunds are subject to a $25.00 cancellation/processing fee.