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Parents, please be advised of the following before you purchase a bus pass:

  • Because we use one set of buses for both GBN & GBS, we are limited in the number of stops we can offer.  Many students walk 4 - 5 blocks to a bus stop.
  • In regards to the AM pick-up time, we consider a 5-10 minute window of time to be both reasonable and fair.
  • Because we use one set of buses for both schools, some GBS students may have to wait 20 - 30 minutes for the bus in the afternoon.  There will be NO refunds for buses that are not available for immediate departure from GBS in the afternoon.
  • When choosing your student's stop please make sure you know how far the stop is from your home.  There will be NO refunds if you determine AFTER Aug. 1st that the stop is too far from your home.  Please note:  WE DO NOT CHANGE BUS STOPS OR ISSUE REFUNDS DUE TO SNOW OR ANY OTHER INCLEMENT WEATHER.
  • The Academy shuttle bus transports students each morning between GBN and GBS, depending on where their classes meet for the semester.  Though the bus company and drivers do their very best to get students to school safely and on time, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee that buses will always be on time.  In case students miss their Academy shuttle, arrangements will be made to transport those students to the proper building.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing a bus pass as there are NO REFUNDS AFTER AUGUST 1st.
  • REFUND POLICY:  A full refund is available, provided it is requested in writing and received in  the District Business Office, 3801 West Lake Ave., Suite 301, Glenview, IL 60026, by the close of business, (4:30 PM), by August 1, 2016.  “In Writing” means, via fax: 847-486-4734, via email: or mail: 3801 West Lake Ave, Suite 301, Glenview, IL 60026. NO REFUND WILL BE AVAILABLE IF A WRITTEN REQUEST IS RECEIVED AFTER August 1, 2016.   The person requesting a refund must be able to verify that the refund request was received in the District Business Office by the deadline.  If a question arises regarding the Business Office’s timely receipt of a refund request, a refund will not be provided unless the person requesting the refund verifies that the Business Office received the request by the deadline.  
  • REFUND POLICY for STUDENTS WHO WITHDRAW FROM SCHOOL:  Only refunds requested within thirty (30) days of the official drop date, will be issued.  These refund amounts will be prorated based on the date that the request AND bus pass is received, in writing, at the District office.  These refunds are subject to a $25.00 cancellation/processing fee.