Registration at the Glenbrooks

New Student Enrollment - Requirements:

  1. Prove residency at the District Office, 3801 West Lake, Glenview -  
  2. Complete Pre-Registration form at the District Office
  3. For divorced parents, a custody agreement or notarized note signed by both parents, must be submitted, stating where the student resides
  4. Student's birth certificate or Family Register. Foreign documents must have translation.
  5. Physical including immunization record
  6. Illinois Transfer Form for those students transferring from another Illinois public school
  7. Withdrawal papers and most current grades, along with unofficial transcript, if transferring from another high school. Incoming freshman must provide a copy of their test scores and/or placement recommendations
  8. A copy of most current IEP of 504 Plan is required, if the student receives special services

Book Sale

All students who enter the Glenbrooks at the start of the year are required to participate in Book Sale. This event allows students to complete the registration process prior to the start of classes. 

Check list for Book Sale/Registration Process

  1. All incoming freshmen students must have completed the residency verification process by mail or in person at the District Office.
  2. A current lease or landlord affirmation must be submitted for all returning students.
  3. All students must complete the online enrollment process.
  4. Tranfer students and incoming freshman must have copies of physical exam records on file or in hand.  
  5. Check, cash, or credit card may be used for payment of book sale fees.