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Communications Plan

The Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education recently approved a three-year communications plan aimed at continuing to enhance and maintain communication efforts.


The plan provides a detailed outline of strategies, tactics, target audiences, and timelines centered on the stated goal of "Continuing to build trust and support for the district.  That goal will be achieved by focusing on the following strategies over the next three years:
  1. Increase awareness of the District.
  2. Enhance the district brand.
  3. Increase stakeholder engagement.
  4. Provide professional development for staff.
  5. Continue to enhance collaboration with community partners.
The three-year communications plan is based on feedback collected from parents, students, staff and the community.
Key findings from formal surveys:



  • 75% rate the District communications as excellent/good. (Increased 12 percent since 2011)
  • 72% are interested in receiving information from the District. (Same as 2011)
  • 68% believe the amount of information they receive is “just right” (10 percent increase since 2011)
  • Local media outlets rate very high as a source of information. District newsletters come in second. (Same as 2011)
  • There is virtually 100% Internet access in our communities.
  • Social media use has increased by 18 percent since 2011.
  • Attitudes are generally positive:
    • 89% believe the leadership is doing what is best for kids.
    • 73% believe the leadership involves the community in decisions.
    • 76% believe the District provides accessible information.
  • In 2011, district finances were an identified concern and topic of interest for additional communication, followed closely by public events at the schools.  In 2014, the data is opposite, with slightly less interest in finances, and more in events and activities.
  • Surprisingly, more than half of respondents would be interested in attending an informational session at the high schools on the topics of district finances, classroom innovation, and legislative impact on schools.


  • More than 76% think the District is doing an excellent/good job in communications. (71% in 2011)
  • The top three things students look for on the website: Assignments/grade/class, staff contacts, calendars.
  • Students still prefer Facebook, but Twitter is gaining in popularity.
  • The school newspaper and friends are the top two outlets for receiving information.


  • 84% believe they receive the “correct amount of information.” (73% in 2011)
  • 93% think the district does a good/excellent job in communicating with staff. (85% in 2011)
  • 75% of staff read the District 2:25 Update and cite it as a strong source of information.
  • Email prevails as the most common means for obtaining information.
  • Staff are more interested in board actions, teaching and learning.  However, staff are less interested in district finances than they were in 2011.
  • By a significant margin, staff use the website most often for calendars and access to outside portals.


  • 94% think the District does an excellent/good job communicating with parents. (90% in 2011) This also represents a rise in the number citing “excellent.”
  • 89% say they received the “correct amount of information.”
  • District controlled sources registered high – Connections, District 2:25 Update, and website.
  • Calendars are the most popular reason to visit the website. (Events/news, staff contacts, and portal links are each a close second.)
  • 80% of parents use Facebook (74% in 2011), by far, the most used social media tool.
  • 90% of parents prefer email communications.
  • In all of the “feeling” statements, the District scored overwhelmingly positive.

Press Release: Communications survey reveals increase in satisfaction and trust