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Special Thanks

The Glenbrook United Special Olympics team would like to thank the following organizations for offering their support:

  • Glenbrook High School Foundation (donated athletic uniforms and sweat suits)
  • Glenbrook 225 School Board special recognitions
  • Glenbrook South: Varsity Boys' Basketball team, Varsity Girls' Soccer team, & Varsity Boys' Track & Field 
  • Glenbrook North: Varsity Girls' Volleyball team, Varsity Girls' Basketball team, & Varsity Girls' Soccer Team
  • GBN Varsity Lacrosse team for fundraising for GU
  • GBN network for broadcasting volleyball game against Hersey High School
  • Northbrook YMCA for space on Fridays during our last 2 basketball seasons 
  • GBS Varsity cheerleading for raising money
  • GBN's JKB for raising money
  • Knights of Columbus for raising money
  • Northbrook YMCA for supporting Glenbrook United