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GBOC Summer School

Glenbrook Off-Campus runs a Summer school program primarily designed to provide extended school year supports and services to students who need a stable and predictable educational routine to prevent or reduce regression over the summer break. A secondary benefit to the Off-Campus Summer program is induction and orientation for students who will be new to the GBOC program in the fall. All incoming freshmen and new students are encouraged to be considered for the GBOC summer program. It has proved extremely valuable in for student sin years past. 

Students are referred to our program through the multi-disciplinary conference process. Extended School Year (ESY) eligibilty is the typical means by which students may attend GBOC summer school. Students who will be attending GBOC in the fall of the following year who are not ESY eligible may request summer school through their child's case manager. 
There is no cost for the GBOC summer school for students who are eligible for Extended School Year. Students who are not ESY eligible will be required to pay the same as a non-lab summer school class at the GBN/GBS summer school (Cost TBD) All students will be expected to bring typical school supplies with them on a daily basis. This includes writing implements, notebooks, and other school supplies such as poster board as needed to complete school projects. 
GBOC summer school runs four days a week (Monday through Thursday) from 8:45 to 12:00. In 2014 it will begin on June 10th and will run through July 24th. 
• Small class size
• High staff to student ratio
• Weekly and ongoing therapy
• Therapeutic environment
• Ongoing staff training and consultation
Each summer the staff teaches tro courses which each run the full six weeks of summer school. Each student will have an 1st period class (8:45-10:15) and a second period class class (10:25-12:00). In 2014 the two courses offered will be English Literature and History of Chicago. All students are recommended to take both courses. A third Reading/Writing course is also offered for students who have goals related to reading and writign on their IEPs. 
Round trip, door to door transportaion is provided free of charge for all students at GBOC summer school who are eligible under Extended School Year. There is no other transportation available and students must find thier own way to and from school daily.
Students who are ESY Eligible and who are schedulued to attend GBOC in the fall are automatically registered for Off-Campus Summer school. Students who are paying tuition to attend Off-Campus Summer school will be registered by scheduling an appoint to meet with Dr. Strong.