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Mission Statement and Program Description

The Glenbrook Off-Campus community believes in the potential of each student to go beyond obstacles and challenges. We are committed to engaging individuals to attain personal success through transition planning; social-emotional skill building; and academic instruction.

Glenbrook Off-Campus believes that excellence in Special Education requires a range of services allowing the flexibility necessary for individualized programming. Northfield Township High School District #225 has been pleased to provide this range of services in its Off-Campus program since 1983. Individualized instruction and attention are considered the primary therapy in the program. Staff members maintain an atmosphere of unconditional positive concern for each student. The program is strongly grounded in development of supportive relationships with each student. This requires separating the student's personal integrity from his or her learning, emotional or social issues and using interpretations of the challenges to design individualized responses that will support growth. Through consistent acceptance and helpful responses, our Off-Campus team maintains a safe learning environment for our students, many of whose problems include fear of risk manifested by refusal to work. Rather than depending on structure (rules, contracts, contingencies), Off-Campus faculty team members work together in a continuing process of mutual review and collaboration, trust and support. This forms the core of our relationship-based program.
The majority of our students attend at least one class in their home high school. We maintain active and ongoing communication with mainstream teachers. Our ultimate goal is full transition of the student from the Off-Campus Program to the mainstream. Students receive high school credit for all activities at Off-Campus. Graduating students receive a diploma from their home school.
• Small class size
• High staff to student ratio
• Weekly and ongoing individual and group therapy
• Therapeutic environment
• Ongoing staff training and consultation
Off-Campus placement decisions are made at multi-disciplinary staff conferences in the students' home schools. Students who are referred to Off-Campus are primarily those facing learning, emotional and social challenges.  Students are referred for placement at Off-Campus when the IEP team has reason to believe that a main building placement would be unsuccessful.
Students are referred to our program through the multi-disciplinary conference process. Our population consists of freshman through seniors.  Our program serves students with a variety of special needs including learning, emotional and social challenges.
Students are provided weekly individual and group counseling with a school psychologist or social worker. The focus of both the individualized and group sessions is enhancing socialization and communication skills, while addressing emotional blocks to educational goals.
All major subjects are offered to serve each student's individualized academic needs. Based upon the student's academic abilities and high school requirements, we provide a program of study that is challenging and functionally related to their individual post-high school goals. Every class required for graduation by the Glenbrook High schools is offered at Glenbrook Off-Campus.