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What Our Graduates Say About the Academy

Alpa Patel, Class of 2004:  
“The most important lesson I've learned in The Academy is that one should always try to be open-minded.  In The Academy we are always encouraged to look at things from as many angles and perspectives as possible.”

Nicholas Garzon, Class of 2008:
“After four years of intensive education, The Academy has taught me to regard every aspect of my education, and my life, from a global perspective.  The Academy is, I think, a unique program in that it teaches its students to find connections across disciplines where others would see none.”
Rachel Levitsky, Class of 2000:
“I’ve never had a more inspiring and enthusiastic group of teachers.  They made the most difficult material comprehensible and exciting.”
Kimberly Jaeger, Class of 1997:
“The Academy taught me to reflect critically and analytically.  My experience in The Academy is invaluable to me because it prepared me for entering academia as a college student and for encounters with other cultures.  It is truly a unique place to study and grow.”
Paul Tsirides, Class of 2001:
“Never before nor since have I met and studied with a group of students so eager to learn and develop themselves in the best ways possible.”
Linda Park, Class of 1998:
“After going to college, I realize there is a lot more I took away from The Academy than I originally had anticipated.  The Academy encouraged a more sophisticated writing style that develops over the course of four years that is now proving very useful for literally all my papers.  In addition, the language proficiency I obtained not only passed me out of the college’s language requirement, but also has allowed me to find a job as a German teaching assistant.”
Alex Shapiro, Class of 2008:
“What separates Academy classes from others is the emphasis on class discussion rather than lecture and response.  This allows for deeper learning and far more critical thinking instead of mere note-taking.  No work, inside or outside the classroom, feels like ‘busy work’; instead, each assignment furthers real learning.”
Tatiana Sainati, Class of 2001:
“I can’t imagine my high school experience without The Academy.  One of the most important and noteworthy aspects of The Academy was the close bond that comes between the students.  It is this bond, this friendship and comfort with others that allowed for such genuine and passionate debate.  Nobody was afraid to speak their mind, or sound dumb, or disagree with each other or with the teachers.  That’s rare.”
Andrew Park, Class of 1997 (Rhodes Scholar):
“Rarely does one come across the kind of dedication and attention to students that exemplifies The Academy.  Being able to look back on my educational experiences at GBN, Harvard, and beyond, I can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am without The Academy.” 
Nora Long, Class of 2008:
“So much of high school is just going from class to class and getting the necessary information—but The Academy isn’t like that.  The students, teachers, and disciplines come together in a way that simply isn’t possible anywhere else. What I sacrificed in terms of my high school schedule was more than made up for by my Academy experience.”