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The Glenbrook Academy of International Studies

Founded in 1981, the Glenbrook Academy of International Studies is a nationally recognized program integrating the teaching and learning of English, Social Studies, and World Languages for students in the Glenbrook High Schools.

The World Language for the incoming freshmen (Class of 2020) will be French.

Academy Application 2016

Part One:  Online Form

Part Two:  Download File


Interviews and Impromptu Writing:

On Wednesday, January 27th, at 3:45p.m., all applicants must report to Room 225 at Glenbrook South.  This room is located on the Second Floor, East Wing.  Students will complete the final two steps of the application process--impromptu writing and a group interview with Academy faculty and current students.


Communication of Admission Status:

On Wednesday, February 17th (after school), each applicant will be sent an email containing The Academy's final decision on placement.  In the meantime, all applicants should complete the high school registration materials required of all eighth graders.  Those eighth graders placed into The Academy will be rescheduled by guidance counselors later this spring.


Dual Enrollment in The Academy and the STEM Learning Community:

Students may apply to both programs.  However, students accepted to both programs will need to select either The Academy or the STEM Learning Community for enrollment.  This is a change from past practice; one that we feel is in the best interest of the student.