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New courses proposed for 2013-14 school year

On Monday, January 14, the Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education reviewed a list of proposed new courses for the 2013-14 school year.  The administration recommended the following new courses:

Glenbrook North:

Career and Life Skills
Sports Management 161 & 162: This course is in direct response to student interest and to address the expanding number of sports management programs available at the collegiate level. (One semester elective)

Fine Arts
Electronic Music 361: This course would be a continuation of the Electronic Music program and offers additional challenges. (One semester elective)

Social Studies
Sports and Society (summer school offering): This would be a curricular change to expand the current course and change credit from .025 to .50. The limited credit discouraged students from previously enrolling in the course.

World Languages
Hebrew 563 & 573
These courses would be part of the continued development of GBN’s Modern Hebrew language program to meet the  needs of current students. (Yearlong elective)


Glenbrook South:

Applied Technology
PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design (IED): The major focus of the IED course is to expose students to the design process, research and analysis, teamwork, communication methods, global and human impacts, engineering standards and technical documentation. (Yearlong elective)

PLTW Principles of Engineering: Students would be exposed to major concepts to better prepare them for a post-secondary engineering course of study. (Yearlong elective)

Honors News and Sports Broadcasting: Advanced students in News and Sports Broadcasting would act as directors of current programs broadcast over GBS TV and be responsible for the assignments of any student in the program (production work, live broadcasts, writing) as well as the management of novice learners. (Yearlong elective)

Social Studies
AP Microeconomics: In response to numerous AP Macroeconomics alumni and parents asking for an AP Microeconomics class, this course would combine both one-semester long courses to create a full-year course. (Yearlong elective)

World Languages
American Sign Language 363: ASL has been a 2-year language program for more than 14 years. Numerous students, parents and guidance staff have expressed interest in extending the sequence. (Yearlong elective)

The new courses proposed will have little to no impact on District resources.  For a complete look at the New Courses Report as presented to the Board, please visit the District website (www.glenbrook225.org) Board of Education section. The Board is expected to take action on this agenda item at the next scheduled meeting on January 28.

“It is important that the District continues to offer a diversity of courses that encompass both the academic rigor and comprehensive educational experience our community expects of the Glenbrooks,” said Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Rosanne Williamson.