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Glenbrook staff and students host 2017 All-State Musical

In January 2017, the Illinois High School Theatre Festival will produce Sweeney Todd as the All-State Musical production at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

In order to bring the infamous tale, about a barber with a vengeance, to life, the more than 30 cast members, 30 crew members and 30 orchestra pit members have been meeting monthly. This year, those rehearsals take place at Glenbrook North. 

For the first time in several years, the Glenbrook High School district staff has volunteered to direct, host, and produce the All State musical. As the oldest and largest high school theatre festival in the world, getting the opportunity to lead the production is a big honor, said Julie Ann Robinson, the play director who hails from GBN.

“Hundreds of students from all over the state of Illinois auditioned, interviewed, and applied, and just over one hundred were selected for the company,” Robinson said. “It is a big undertaking and very exciting to host.” 

She also noted that students from around the state have been joining the Glenbrooks for weekend practices. Glenbrook students often host these cast mates. 

Three actors and one technician from the Glenbrooks are in the cast.  They include Jonah Pazol, a technician from GBN, Ryan Tucker, a GBN actor playing Judge Turpin, Garrett Shuman, an ensemble actor from GBN, and Yael Sheinfeld, an ensemble actress from GBS. In addition, 25 orchestra students from the Glenbrooks are participating in the largest All-State pit orchestra to date. 

The Glenbrook directing staff also includes Aaron Kaplan as Orchestra Conductor and retiree Pat Murphy as Assistant Director. 

Sweeney Todd final performances will culminate January 5 to 7, as part of the 42nd Annual Illinois High School Theatre Festival.